How to Upcycle Your Exponent Empties

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upcycle empty skincare jars

Reached the bottom of your Exponent Active Powder or Hydrator? Rather than immediately ditching your finished product in the recycle bin, consider finding use for the jars around your home. Repurposing empties can minimize your carbon footprint–and simultaneously liven up your bathroom and storage space.

Upcycle Your Exponent Active Powder Jars

Your active powder may have reached the end of its life, but its jar certainly didn’t. Here are some useful ways to reuse it. 

use active power jars to hold jewelry use active power jars to hold candles

Tea Candle Holder

Our jars happen to be perfectly sized to store non-toxic tealight candles. Dim the lights and set the mood in your bathroom. Cue the bubble bath.  

Spice Jar

Store your favorite seasonal spices–cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, or nutmeg in your empty active powder jar. We recommend adding labels for easy spotting. 

Supplement Storage 

Keep your daily dose of vitamins organized in our adorable vessel. Store in a place that will remind you to take them. We’re here to support your skincare and your health.   

Jewelry Container

Need a chic way to store those earrings you forgot to take off before bed? Our little beaker promises to protect your precious jewels in all situations - whether it’s resting on your nightstand or thrown into your suitcase while traveling. 

Upcycle Your Exponent Hydrator Jars

Since our Hyaluronic Acid Hydrator’s jar sits a bit taller it can be easily upcycled for the following uses:  

Mini Flower Vase 

Pick some fresh blooms or eucalyptus–our hydrator jar makes the perfect mini flower pot. Set at your workstation or vanity to instill a dose of inspiration in your daily routine. 

Q-Tip Container

Say goodbye to generic beauty tool canisters. Our classic red hydrator jar is perfect for organizing cotton swabs while adding a pop of color to your space.

Pen Holder

Need a cute way to store the pens on your desk? You’ll never be lost without a crucial writing utensil in a time of need if our bright red hydrator jar is keeping them organized for you. 

With your help, we’re hoping to decrease the amount of waste that comes from the beauty industry. When purchasing products, remember to keep the product’s lifecycle in mind, and consider if its components can be repurposed. 

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability. 

Words By: Shiri Feldman


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