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Freshly Activated Serums

How It Works


Active Powders

Anti-aging ingredients preserved in their most potent state.



Multi-weight Hyaluronic activates powders into effective serums.

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Mixologist Mentions


Game changer

"I’ve used so many vitamin c products that made very little difference. Within a week my sunspots lightened my skin is more clear and brighter. I won’t use anything else. And trust me I’ve tried everything! "

Rachel B.

Verified Buyer


Love it!

"Love this! my skin feels so firm and looks so radiant after using. Plus I love the smell. Highly recommend."

Judith P.

Verified Buyer


Absolutely amazing

"This is such an amazing and innovative dispenser and SO WORTH IT! I've been using this for 3 days and I can absolutely tell that my fine lines have gone down."

Natalie O.

Verified Buyer

  • "...The serum shoppers call 'magic for texture and fine lines."
  • "You ever see a product that you don't quite understand,
    but once you learn about it, you wondered how you ever lived without it?
    for me, that's exponent."
  • "This new innovation takes
    'fresh skin care' to the next level."
  • "Exponent makes it easy with a system that delivers exact doses in a handsome fluted canister."
  • "This powder vitamin C serum is upgrading my entire skin care routine."
  • "This precision dosed serum... instantly calmed my red, angry complexion."
  • "Exponent created system
    to deliver skincare at peak potency."
  • "Exponent beauty has launched a series of serum starter kits."
  • "[Exponent] trailblazing a new category of clinically backed serums"
  • “Powder-based ingredients are mixed with a liquid serum
    right before use to preserve ingredient potency better than a typical brand on the market.”

“As a dermatologist, I know that clinically proven, active ingredients are extremely fragile. "

"That’s why I believe in Exponent’s game changing, precision-dosed skincare, activated for peak effectiveness.”

Dr. Charles Puza MD.

Dermatologist Advisor

Dr Charles

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Raise Your Expectations

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 The Exponent Standard

The Exponent Standard

Our philosophy: skincare that’s “full of” beneficial ingredients so it does what it promises.

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 Our Story

Our Story

Industry insiders decided to take on the dirty little degradation secret in skincare.

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Our refillable Activator dispenser system was consciously invented to reduce plastic waste.

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