Sustainability & Maximalist Design

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Beautiful Maximalist Interior Design

In the last decade, we have been flooded with minimalist concepts, making us believe that's the way of living. But clean lines, a monochromatic palette, and a simple, airy design doesn’t represent everybody. Some of us feel most at ease when we're surrounded by beautiful objects collected over time that spark creativity within us. We’ll teach you everything to know about incorporating maximalism into your space using sustainable interior design ideas, especially in your bathroom.

What is Maximalism?

Maximalism defines the art of more-is-more, characterizing spaces with numerous patterns, textures, objects, and colors. Everything is eclectic in maximalist style, from walls to ceiling to furniture and decorations. Often referred to as an 'aesthetic of excess,' maximalism is based on Art Noveau, represented by an amalgam of shapes, curving lines, flowers, and heavy ornamentation.

All in all, maximalism is about making your space tell a story, your story. Maximalism implies letting shapes, textures, and colors do the talking, grab attention and create an over-the-top space. And while some may think "it's just stuff," embracing maximalism is an authentic expression of your own style, where the beautiful things around you add value to your life. Even better, if you appeal to sustainable interior design, choose environmental-friendly pieces of furniture and recycled materials and even implement energy measures that reduce costs.

What is maximalist aesthetic? 

The maximalist aesthetic represents designs that blend loads of layers, bold colors, paintings, and treasured collections that can be summarized by 'more is more'. If in the past, maximalism was a practice of wealthy people to showcase their riches, nowadays, it is more than a trend and is here to stay.

If you're into playful prints, clashing patterns, and a tendency to leave no naked wall, you can say you're a maximalist aesthetic person. This aesthetic of excess is the opposite of minimalism, the clean, bright, and airy design that has.

What does maximalist mean in interior design?

In interior design, maximalist design represents rooms that play with a combination of patterns in the same space, united by a common color or hue palette, statement lighting, and accessories. While it may sound like messy, busy, chaos, maximalism interior design is not about crowding a lot of stuff into one place, but rather artistically creating an exciting mix for the eye to relish.

Here are some hallmarks of maximalism interior design: 

  • Abstract patterns 
  • A mix of prints and floral motifs
  • Bright colors
  • Eclectic furnishing
  • Displayed books, statues, paintings, and artworks 

You can have a maximalist design anywhere in your home, but it's the bathroom where you unwind after a long day. A maximalist approach in your bathroom can make the ideas that come in the shower brighter and can make you start and end the day inspired and enjoy a space that represents you. 

How to Design a Maximalist Bathroom - Sustainable Interior Design

You can't miss a maximalist bathroom. They spark with layers of colors, textures, and prints, all in harmony with your personality. Even better if it's sustainably designed so that you can enjoy your space knowing you are not harming the environment for the sake of maximalism. For instance, ensure you purchase fair-trade furniture, a bathtub made of porcelain, stone, wood, iron, or marble. The same goes for the countertop; pick marble, wood, quartz, or recycled glass. Also, to minimize the carbon footprint of shipping large items, prioritize buying everything locally where possible.

The first and most important thing is to picture your eclectic bathroom, identify what color palette or mix you want, and what wallpaper and curtains would be more in accord with your style. Think about the lightning, sink, curtains, and the floor. Find that one object to inspire the entire maximalist bathroom, whether it is the wallpaper, a piece of art, the shower cabin, or your cosmetic packaging.

1. Embrace highly visible, sustainable packaging

Details make the difference, and they are actually an essential trait of maximalism. Yes, statement furniture and opulent chandeliers define a maximalist bathroom, but the details complete the design. The details revolve around what accessories you use, the vanity countertop, mirror, and even your skincare products. Showing off your spectacular skincare arsenal — that's also sustainable, of course — is the perfect addition to your maximalist bathroom design. Sustainable skincare brands use ethically-sourced ingredients that have a minor impact on the environment, have recyclable packaging and small carbon footprint, are part of recyclable programs, and are cruelty-free and vegan.

Guess what? Our refillable packaging system can become the centerpiece of your bathroom to revolve around and be lit up by. Kick off and end the day using effective and sustainable skincare that also has a mind-blowing design to only enhance your maximalist bathroom.

Time to design your bathroom with the grander it deserves.

2. Incorporate wallpaper and/or colored walls

Experiment with florals, jungle-themed, geometrical or contemporary wallpaper to really give the bathroom your maximalist feel. Or, if you don't want to commit to decorative wallpaper, you can choose one color for the walls and leave the pattern for your shower curtain. And since you're into sustainable design, look out for eco-friendly polymer wallpaper made with water-based pigment inks, PVC-free, and zero-VOC.

To avoid a messy, cluttered space, focus from the beginning on at most three or four colors. The 60-30-10 rule in home decor can help you avoid creating a busy space, which is the last thing you want, especially in the bathroom, which is usually small. So, 60% of the room should be a dominant color, 30% the secondary color, and 10% should be the accent.

3. Play with textures

Playing with textures is the perfect opportunity to be as creative as possible and create an immersive exuberant experience and a bathroom to be enjoyed. You want to capture attention without being overwhelming and add dimension through various textures that form an oasis-of-peace feel in your bathroom. A rug, ornaments, vases, mirrors, and candles all create textures in the space and play a key role in creating a specific feel in the room. Try to contrast textures; it will add visual weight to the space, drawing eye attention easily. You can use rough and smooth textures, which do better when used in close proximity to each other. For instance, unpolished stone and wood make the bathroom warmer and more comfortable.

By the way, our powder jars can be upcycled to add texture to your maximalist bathroom: from DIY candles to keeping your hair bands and barrettes or as a vase for dried flower arrangements like cotton or bunny tail.

Here is more about how to recycle your beauty products.

4. Add plants 

The best part of maximalism is showing off your hobbies and personality. So, in addition to the sustainable cosmetics packaging, add plants. They not only complete any interior design, but they add a decorative feeling, freshening up the bathroom and making it more alive.

Using a mix of hanging, tall and dramatic plants of varying heights and sizes make the space feel airier, enhancing the decor and catching the eye. A few examples of statement plants are Dracaena Gold Star, Ficus Alii, Bamboo Palm, and Monstera.

10 Gorgeous Maximalist Bathrooms

It's important that the maximalist design you are creating in your bathroom leaves a personal touch and is in harmony with your style, hobbies, and personality. That's the way to feel connected with your space. But some inspiration is always good as it helps you step outside your normal boundaries of creating and decorating. Feast your eyes and get some inspiration from the world's most beautiful hotel bathrooms.

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