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Sustainability & Maximalist Design

We’ll teach you everything to know about incorporating maximalism into your space using sustainable interior design ideas, especially in your bathroom.

The World's Most Beautiful Hotel Bathrooms

A sensory overload so divine, you might not leave your bubble bath.

Our Founder's Story: Uncovering the Truth Serum

It all started with my eyes closed. Literally. I was lying down, chatting with my esthetician while she prepared my treatment — an exfoliating enzyme mask that would purge dirt, decongest my skin, ...

The Legit List: 12 Skincare Ingredients That Won’t Quit

When it comes to skincare, we’re inundated with “the next best thing.” One day it’s a rare nut oil from the rainforest, the next it’s an ectodermal peptide from a lab. While these discoveries blast...