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Gloss Angeles: Why Kirbie Johnson Loves Exponent Beauty and More

Exponent Founder Liz Whitman recently chatted with Gloss Angeles' Kirbie Johnson about an obsession they both share—"pulling back the curtain on how products work (or don’t)." (Those are Kirbie's w...

The Dirty Skincare Secret We Bet You Didn’t Know About, with Nirvana Sisters

Exponent Beauty Founder Liz Whitman sat down with Nirvana Sisters podcast hosts, Amy and Katie, to discuss a dirty skincare secret that we bet you didn’t know about. She also talks about tips for g...

5 Sustainable Wallpaper Designs for a Bold Bathroom

Hot off the Graham & Brown sustainable wallpaper collab with designer Sacha Walckhoff, here’s a roundup of our favorites.

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin: Green Tea in Skincare

Green tea is packed with benefits — all science-backed — making it a mainstay in most regimens as it provides something for nearly everyone. Green tea made its way from the K-beauty wave to skincar...

Sustainability & Maximalist Design

We’ll teach you everything to know about incorporating maximalism into your space using sustainable interior design ideas, especially in your bathroom.

The World's Most Beautiful Hotel Bathrooms

A sensory overload so divine, you might not leave your bubble bath.

Our Founder's Story: Uncovering the Truth Serum

It all started with my eyes closed. Literally. I was lying down, chatting with my esthetician while she prepared my treatment — an exfoliating enzyme mask that would purge dirt, decongest my skin, ...

The Legit List: 12 Skincare Ingredients That Won’t Quit

When it comes to skincare, we’re inundated with “the next best thing.” One day it’s a rare nut oil from the rainforest, the next it’s an ectodermal peptide from a lab. While these discoveries blast...