Probiotic Benefits for Skin

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Probiotic Benefits for Skin

Why You Should Add Probiotics to Your Skincare Routine

When skin is unbalanced, feels tight, is too dry, or is too oily, it often means its microbiome — the physical layer that protects skin from external foes — is disturbed. So, maintaining the skin's microbiome solid and healthy is a priority if you crave great skin. This is where probiotics come under the radar; they reinforce the skin microbiome, working hard to keep all of your concerns at bay. Keep reading as this post digs deep into the probiotics benefits for skin and how these good bacteria perform to keep your complexion in its best state.

How to Use Probiotics 

Probiotics in skincare have a handful of benefits that somewhat help all skin types and address each concern, from dryness to oiliness, wrinkles, acne, dermatitis, and a broken skin barrier. How do probiotics benefit the skin? By balancing its flora, stopping bad bacteria from damaging the skin, and improving its overall condition. 

Here are the probiotics skin benefits:

  • Reduce aging signs
  • Helps prevent breakouts
  • Heals irritated skin and treats scars
  • Strengthens the skin barrier

1. Reduce visible signs of aging 

With age and loss of essential proteins, like elastin and collagen, the skin becomes more prone to wrinkles and easier for nasty bacteria to harm it. That's why you need probiotics to support healthy bacteria in the skin and reduce the chances of pathogens wreaking havoc on your complexion. 

Once applied to the skin, probiotics fight off external aggressors that can prematurely wrinkle the skin and act as a protective layer against damage caused by bad bacteria. Probiotics also attenuate photoaging and improve the skin barrier role by boosting ceramides, meaning fewer chances for skin to wrinkle.1 What's more, probiotics have an important role in maintaining skin hydration, making it a staple in the routine of anyone who wants to plump fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Helps prevent breakouts

Many times, acne is triggered by an unbalanced pH and bacteria. "As acne is associated with an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, and the mainstays of therapy are often antibiotics, topical probiotics could restore a more desired microflora to decrease acne lesions without systemic side effects," Rebecca Knackstedt, M.D., of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, and Thomas Knackstedt, M.D., of the Department of Dermatology, MetroHealth, Cleveland claim.2

Moreover, when probiotics are applied to the skin, they improve the barrier function, speeding up pimples healing and preventing the apparition of new ones. At the same time, topical probiotics induce the production of ceramides, helping reduce acne and counteracting the drying effects of products that address breakouts, which are usually drying.

Maintaining skin hydration and calming inflammations is a priority when it comes to breakouts. And by inducing the production of ceramides, keeping skin barrier integer, and calming inflammations, probiotics help heal and prevent pimples, leading the way to flawless skin.3

3. Heals irritated skin & minimizes scars

Some of you have easily reactive skin that can get irritated at the first trigger, whether it's a less gentle ingredient, free radicals, or the climate. Fear not. Adding probiotics to your skincare routine not only keeps irritations away by reinforcing the barrier, but they help recover irritated skin. Responsible for this is the ceramide- and peptide-boosting ability, but also the capacity of probiotics to prevent transepidermal water loss — more moisture means fewer chances for irritations to occur in the first place.

4. Strengthens the natural skin barrier

When you're struggling with a broken barrier, ceramides and peptides are the go-to, we all agree. While ceramides create a veil to prevent water evaporation, peptides serve as building blocks for collagen and elastin proteins, both having a key role in reinforcing the skin barrier. Guess what? Probiotics encourage the natural production of ceramides and peptides, which, in turn, strengthen the skin barrier for a complexion that stays defended against external aggressors, pimples, early wrinkles, and irritations.4

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Words By: Ana Vasilescu


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