From Exponent Founder Liz’s Vanity: My Spring Skincare Routine

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From Exponent Founder Liz’s Vanity: My Spring Skincare Routine

I'm an industry veteran who's spent the last 20 years selling beauty products, personally testing more products than I dare to count, and professionally researching product efficacy with third-party testing. And like any good beauty junkie, my skincare needs and product preferences change with the seasons.

I've gone deep—and not only has my research led me on a three-year R&D journey to invent and create Exponent Beauty's activated serums that keep anti-aging ingredients at peak potency, they have also opened my eyes to which overall products I use and recommend.

Here’s what’s saving (and elevating) my skin this Spring.


AM: Bioderma Sensibo H20 Micellar Water

“I find I don't need to fully wash my face in the morning so I actually use this micellar water instead as my first AM step. It freshens without stripping.”


AM: Exponent Brightening Boost Vitamin C

“It’s honestly the best morning pick-me-up for skin. The 10% pure L-Ascorbic Acid will brighten dullness and sunspots. Bonus points that Vitamin C supercharges my SPF during the Summer months!”

PM: Exponent Firming Filter CoQ10 Serum

“I like to take a Summer 3-month break from using Retinol at night and so instead, I use this 0.5% CoQ10 serum. It is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, to firm and brighten without irritation. I use it every night in the Spring and Summer as the first layer on clean skin.”


AM: Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance

“This is a very basic, lovely, medium-weight moisturizer that will trap in all the active goodness of your serum layer. I use this as a daytime moisturizer over my night time serum.”

PM: Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisture Cushion

“I love this moisturizer for a slightly heavier moisturizing feel. I use it in the winter at night as my last layer.”


EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 - Tinted

“SPF is year-round. This one has been recommended to me by more dermatologists than I can count! I’ve worn it every single day for almost a decade. It glides on top of other products seamlessly, and the tint is universal.”


Eighth Day Resurfacing Tonic

“I battle tested 4 different chemical exfoliants and this one won out against Biologique Recherche P50 for best Premium price point pick. I use this 1X per week (and alternate 3-4 days between this and my physical Exfoliant).”


Patchology Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels

“I swear by these and use them whenever needed (tired, puffy eyes). Pro tip is to throw them into the freezer for 5 mins before you apply so you also get a cooling/depuffing effect on top. I find I can wear the while standing up and doing other things to get ready which is efficient!”

If you want to see more of my personal skincare product recommendations, check my ShopMy shelf


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