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Exponent Super Human - Tina Guo

Convictions from the Super Humans we admire the most.


Tina Guo is a world-renowned musician nominated for GRAMMY and BRIT Female Artist of the Year awards. With a career spanning over two decades, she has established herself as a virtuoso acoustic/electric cellist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, and entrepreneur. Tina is one of the most recorded Solo Cellists of all time in Film, TV, and Game Soundtracks. Recent Projects include Top Gun: Maverick, DUNE 2, Gran Turismo, The Creator, Minecraft Legends, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and The Flash. Notably, Tina composed the Main Theme for Wonder Woman with long-time friend and collaborator Hans Zimmer.

Learn more at TinaGuo.com

We use the phrase "think outside of the jar" rather than "think outside the box."  What does this phrase mean to you?
Approach everything with an empty mind—no preconceptions

What is your most marked characteristic?
Passion and Impulsivity balanced with Conservative Analyzation.

I’ve always wanted to
Travel to every beautiful place on Planet Earth!

What is your greatest extravagance?
Treating myself to Spa days and taking my Goldendoodle, Pizza to the Dog Beach.

What is it that you most dislike?
Talking too much with no action.

What song would you want played as you enter every room for the rest of your life?
The Wonder Woman Theme!

Thriller or comedy?
Comedy :)

Describe your medicine cabinet (a verbal shelfie)
I’m a bit OCD with everything—so categorized and organized into separate plastic containers. Hair Gummies and Prenatal Vitamins are my daily go-tos!


What inspired you to become a Musician/Composer? What’s been most surprising or challenging on your journey?

I was actually forced into the family trade by my parents who are both Classical Music Teachers, but I was able to find my own voice and joy in musical freedom. The most challenging thing was to break free of barriers mentally and societally, which I think is the main thing we all struggle with.


What brings you the most joy when playing/creating music?

Being completely in the flow, free of thinking—I also reach that flow state during a good workout, out in nature, shooting/editing music videos, and eating really really delicious food.


What or who inspires your music?

Emotions and life.


Was there a time you can recall when you knew music was your calling?

I never had a choice, but life is what you make of what you’re dealt.


How do you balance work-life?

Not sure if balance is ever achievable in every area of life at the same time - that’s a myth. But I do work as hard as I can, and now try to take at least 1 day off per week if possible - getting enough sleep is important, and taking time for self-care even if it’s just for an hour.


What’s your favorite self-care routine?

Getting fresh air, taking walks with Pizza, getting massages and facials.


What’s your favorite self-care product?

I’ve tried every massage chair and device but nothing beats a human massage!

Who are your musical influences and why?

Every song/artist I’ve ever heard - I try to learn and assimilate everything I’m exposed to. My favorite classical cellist is Jacqueline du Pre, and my favorite band is RAMMSTEIN.


How do you stay motivated?

Remembering we only have this one life, and every moment that passes, we grow older. It’s not a bad thing to age as I feel better and better as I mature feeling truly in myself and settled at age 38 now. However it’s important to seize the moment and find a balance of enjoyment and measured planning for the future financially and socially.


What’s something unique nobody knows about you?

I don’t drink alcohol at all, but I love food!! Everything I do to an extreme so sometimes I fast, as I find having one amazing meal per day is more satisfying than pecking away like a bird all day, dissatisfied.


What is an important ritual in your daily life that helps keep you grounded?

It’s so difficult to have a balance as there are days when I wake up and work for 16 hours straight, neglecting physical exercise - but the most grounding things are taking Pizza for a walk in Central Park here in Huntington Beach, or to the Dog Beach as I will always make sure she’s getting enough exercise and fresh air. Dogs are so in the moment and fully present, full of wonder, awe, and joy.


What are your goals for 2024? Personal, professional, etc.?

The biggest goal would be to continue creating new music and keep that fire of passion and discovery burning it’s so easy for that to be dampened by life, stress, etc.

I would love to have a baby now that I have enough stability and resources to be a good mother.

I would like to increase my residual income so that it’s more than my active income - and grow my investment portfolio to 3x what it’s currently at. Once interest rates drop, I’d like to buy a home by the Dog Beach here in Huntington Beach, CA, where I live with my boyfriend Harley.

Harley and I have started a new Software company, and we are currently working on the first iOS app, which is music-related.

I’m also in the middle of finishing a new Sample Library, which will be released in partnership with my long-time friend and collaborator Steve Mazzaro, who is an incredible Composer who works with Hans. It will be the first release from our Music Software company.

I’d like to develop and release at least 1 product per quarter with both tech ventures.

I’d love to score a Show or Video Game in the style of my new Water Phoenix Tribal Project!

Continue caring for my body and mind, practicing self-care, and getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

There are many others, but I’m running out of space, so I’ll stop here!



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