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Exponent Super Human - Artist Meredith Wing

Convictions from the Super Humans we admire the most.


Meredith Wing is a unique artist and creative trailblazer who has taken her love of 3D elegance to the next level. Her stunning work has been featured in Vogue, NYT, Forbes, Elle and Bazaar.

We use the phrase "think outside of the jar" rather than "think outside the box."  What does this phrase mean to you?
Create new rules in order to change the game! Whether it’s a jar or a box, creativity that pushes the lid off is integral to innovation!

What is your most marked characteristic?

I’ve always wanted to
be surrounded by beauty.

What is your greatest extravagance?
Fresh flowers.

What is it that you most dislike?
Willful ignorance.

What song would you want played as you enter every room for the rest of your life?
Van Morrison “Warm Love.”

Thriller or comedy?
Comedy for sure.

Describe your medicine cabinet (a verbal shelfie)
Elevated necessities and selective indulgences.

I am FULL OF ideas; I am FREE OF singular thinking.

Works by Meredith Wing
PICTURED: Works by Meredith Wing via @moomooi

What inspired you to become an artist? What’s been most surprising or challenging on your journey?

My journey to an art career has been an organic one. I began illustrating personal content while a student at Columbia’s Architecture School and sharing my collage creations on Instagram. A 3D collage element with the help of fresh florals and food added a whimsical, fun element, and before I knew it, my artist moniker of “ MooMooi” was born. The most surprising element of my career is how a seemingly niche personal passion, like creating artwork with 3D elements, can become a service. The right clients will find you.


What’s your favorite design in your portfolio?

One of my earliest pieces used fresh honeycomb as a skirt for Burt’s Bees packaging while living in Australia. It was very sticky to work with, and I had to extract each hexagon with a needle for a clean-looking surface. I loved the fun end-result—a honeycomb skirt on a girl with a little beehive purse—even though the process was so tedious. It was one of my first pieces for a major global brand, so the reward was extra sweet, so to speak.


What inspires your art?

Strong women, unique style, movement, dance, texture, shape, form.


How do you find balance and what are your favorite self-care practices?

I find balance by resting and doing work in spurts. Some days are rest days and some are productive days. I find it easier to batch my mental states when it’s possible. My favorite self care practices are eating, sleeping, and taking baths and doing craft projects with my kids.


What’s the best advice you’ve received in your industry?

Sometimes (all the time?) you just have to get moving and get started to beat the inertia that comes with perfectionism.


What’s something you’re most proud of—personally, professionally or both?

Personally, I’m most proud of creating my two little girls—bold and artistic in their own right. Professionally, I’m most proud of simply staying consistent with my productivity (even if it comes at different paces in different seasons), sharing my work on social platforms every day, and maintaining my community there. Afterall, the purpose of my creative expression is to form a type of family who appreciates the things I do.


What’s something unique nobody knows about you?

I think people look at my happy, whimsical artwork and assume that’s my general outlook. The truth is I have a very active mind and creativity is my outlet. I create out of necessity!

What is an important ritual in your daily life?

Morning coffee and washing my face!


What’s something you can’t live without?



Describe your dream project?

Working with a designer like Oscar de la Renta to create a capsule collection!



Learn more at: @moomooi and moomooi.com.



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